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Times are pretty crazy right now.

To help make your stay-at-home experience a little more enjoyable... or to help you escape from the daily grind if you can't stay home... ALL of my indie-published books are just 99¢ on Kindle, Kobo, and iBooks.

This includes my popular Egyptian novels... ten books in three different series, all set in the grandeur and mystery of ancient Egypt!

Enjoy, and thank you for staying home.


The She-King Series

Three novels and one novella chronicle the life of Hatshepsut, the most successful woman who ever ruled Egypt as Pharaoh!

The story begins with Hatshepsut's mother, Ahmose, forced to assume the role of Queen before she is ready...

Series order:

The Sekhmet Bed - Kindle | Kobo | iBooks

The Crook and Flail - Kindle | Kobo | iBooks

Sovereign of Stars - Kindle | Kobo | iBooks

The Bull of Min - Kindle | Kobo | iBooks

The Book of Coming Forth by Day Trilogy

Part historical fiction, part dark thriller... all Ancient Egypt!

The Pharaoh Akhenaten thinks he is above the gods themselves. Nefertiti and the other women of the royal family must bring him under control if they hope to save the Two Lands from destruction.

Series order:

House of Rejoicing - Kindle | Kobo | iBooks

Storm in the Sky - Kindle | Kobo | iBooks

Eater of Hearts - Kindle | Kobo | iBooks

The White Lotus Trilogy

Based on the ancient myth that inspired "Cinderella"... but this story is more tense and twisted than any fairy tale!

Sold into slavery to spare her brothers and sisters from starvation, the young dancer Rhodopis rises into Egypt's high society. But when she is caught up in the Pharaoh's political games, she has no choice but to become a double agent, playing the Egyptian and Persian thrones against one another to save her own life.

From slave to assassin...

Series order:

White Lotus - Kindle | Kobo | iBooks

Persian Rose - Kindle | Kobo | iBooks

Blood Hemlock - Kindle | Kobo | iBooks


Her name is synonymous with the West. 

But breathless tales of Calamity Jane bear little resemblance to the truth. As she senses death coming closer, the legendary hellcat longs to set the record straight - to reveal her life story at last, unclouded by legend, every sin and failing laid bare. Only then can she hope to rest in peace. In a Deadwood saloon, she finds a writer willing to hear her out and recount the truth to a public hungry for more tales of Calamity Jane....

Kindle | Kobo | iBooks


A city on the verge of collapse. A woman ahead of her time.

Seattle, 1888. Economic ruin and dangerous riots have stripped this once-booming city of its former glories. Miss Lou Graham intends to rebuild Seattle from the ground up. She has ample wealth, wits, and courage to take on the powerful Reformers, the political party that have ushered Seattle to the brink of disaster. But when she meets Amber, the tempestuous “fallen woman” who captures her heart, Lou must choose between love and her dreams of success. A lady rescuing the city is scandalous enough; will anyone in Seattle deign to work with a lady who loves other women?


Kindle | Kobo | iBooks

Diana of Orchard Slope

L. M. Montgomery's timeless classic, Anne of Green Gables, reimagined from the perspective of Diana Barry, Anne's best friend and kindred spirit.


As Diana and Anne navigate the path from childhood to their grown-up lives, parents, schoolmates, and Anne's well-meaning blunders contrive to keep them apart. But two girls destined for lifelong friendship can't be separated so easily...can they?

The perfect light-hearted reading experience for difficult times.

Kindle | Kobo | iBooks

Baptism for the Dead

An intense and emotional contemporary novel about a marriage on the rocks and a crisis of faith.

For fans of literary fiction!

Kindle | Kobo | iBooks

Take Off Your Pants!: Outline Your Books for Faster, Better Writing

Heck yeah, buddy! It's the #1-bestselling how-to guide for authors, for under a buck!

Learn the outlining method I use to streamline my writing process, reduce revision time, and keep readers coming back for more. Find out why Take Off Your Pants has become one of the most popular and most recommended guides for writers, whether you're a newbie or an old pro, whether you love outlining or flying by the seat of your pants!

Kindle | Kobo 


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