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Meet the Author

Olivia Hawker is the pen name of Libbie Grant, an American author living in British Columbia, Canada. She specializes in historical fiction tailored for book clubs, as well as solo readers who enjoy thought-provoking novels with complex characters and rich emotional landscapes. Currently, Olivia Hawker's books are available exclusively from Lake Union Publishing. She is a Washington Post bestseller and a finalist for the Washington State Book Award and the Willa Literary Award for Historical Fiction.


Contact Olivia Hawker

For all questions, including rights inquiries, please email the author directly at .

Explore More from "Olivia"

Readers who enjoy literary fiction (richer prose with a more introspective story) won't want to miss the books this writer has published under her real name! Visit to find more titles by this author.

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Summer Reads from This Author

Olivia Hawker got her start writing historical fiction with a more lighthearted tone. Although she no longer writes in this style, her older books, published under the name Libbie Hawker, are still available for readers to enjoy. The Libbie Hawker books focus on adventure and romance rather than emotional complexity. They're the perfect pick for summer vacations... or for any time of year when you're in the mood to kick back and lose yourself in a fun story!

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