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The White Lotus Trilogy

A three-part historical thriller based on the ancient myth that inspired Cinderella

Book 1: White Lotus

In the fifth century BCE, Egypt is the greatest civilization known to mankind. But with a foolish king on its throne, the Nile Valley is ripe for conquering.


Amid this climate of danger and strife, in the alleys and brothels of Memphis, an extraordinary young woman comes of age. To spare her siblings from starvation, Doricha is sold into prostitution. But she has gifts beyond mere beauty. Through wit and determination, she works her way into the realm of the hetaerae—courtesans of exceptional refinement.


As a hetaera, Doricha has access to the schemes and negotiations that shape the world. But the rich and powerful also have access to her...


Blending the ancient fable that inspired "Cinderella" with true history, White Lotus brings Egypt’s downfall to life.


Editorial note: In pursuit of a unique character voice, some portions of this novel contain intentional misuse of grammar and misspelled words. The reader should not mistake these features for lack of editing.

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Book 2: Persian Rose

When the Pharaoh sends her off to his fiercest enemy, thinly cloaked by a dangerous ruse, Doricha must become a double agent if she hopes to survive. Caught between the Pharaoh and the Persian king Cambyses, it is Doricha—once a slave, now a woman of great but secret power—who will determine Egypt’s fate.

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Book 3: Blood Hemlock

Doricha's dangerous adventure culminates in a confrontation with the predator who has stalked her across Egypt... and she alone must decide which king will rule the nation: Ahmose, the native king, or Cambyses, the Persian interloper who holds Doricha's fate in his hands.

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