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Selfie on the Edge of Forever

Nothing makes you feel older than watching the internet's birth, then the development of its distinctive culture, followed by the death of its culture as social media apps designed to fuel consumerism replaced everything that was fun and interesting about the internet with a hellish nightmare drudgery of unrestrained capitalism, rage-baiting, and psychological warfare.

But guess what! Personal blogs are back! They're cool and hip again, in a retro way, which makes me feel oldest of all.

Anyway, I have a personal blog again, just like social media never happened, and it's a lot of fun to update. It's definitely raising nostalgia from the early 2000s. I maintain it on a totally separate site, Selfie on the Edge of Forever. If you're so inclined, you can subscribe there, and you'll receive a regular digest of the most interesting things I posted about on the blog during the preceding week.

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