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The Stars and Their Light

April 1, 2025

The next Olivia Hawker novel tackles a very strange moment in American history... the 1947 Roswell Incident, when a "flying saucer" was alleged to have crashed in the desert near Corona, New Mexico.

The mysterious occurrence sets off a chain of startling events in the community of Roswell, and in the lives of an unforgettable cast of characters—including Sister Mary Agnes, a nun who has come to Roswell to help found a new convent, and Betty Campbell, a teenage girl whose exposure to the flying saucer afflicts her with the stigmata, the bleeding wounds of Christ.

As Roswell struggles to make sense of these inexplicable events, Betty, Mary Agnes, and everyone they love must learn to make peace with the mysteries of the divine.

The Stars and Their Light will soon be available for pre-order. Watch this space! (And watch for the cover art, too!)

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