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Diana of Orchard Slope

In the summer of 2017, I was burnt out and wondering how to regain my joy in writing. A friend suggested I try producing some fan fiction. The only thing I'm really fannish about is L. M. Montgomery's Avonlea novels, so I gave it a whirl... and found that it did the trick! I was happy to write again, and I thought the resulting novel was pretty fun, too. Here it is! If enough readers enjoy it, I could be convinced to write a few more "Green Gables Variations..."

Growing up is never easy. It's even harder when you have a mother who doesn't understand, a nagging sense of self-doubt, and a secret crush you can't confess...not even to your bosom friend.


L. M. Montgomery's timeless classic, Anne of Green Gables, has been reimagined from the perspective of Diana Barry, Anne's best friend and kindred spirit. As Diana and Anne navigate the path from childhood to their grown-up lives, parents, schoolmates, and Anne's well-meaning blunders contrive to keep them apart. But two girls destined for lifelong friendship can't be separated so easily...can they?


With the sweet charm and dreamy atmosphere of Montgomery's original story, Diana of Orchard Slope is sure to delight Anne fans, historical fiction readers, and lovers of the Jane Austen Fanfiction genre.

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