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For Book Clubs

I'm delighted that you're considering sharing one of my books with your club! Many clubs around the world have read and discussed my novels, and I have been privileged to join some of these groups as a guest.

If my schedule allows, I'm always happy to join in a book club's discussion via Zoom (or, if proximity permits, in person!) I do not charge a fee for such appearances.

Please use the "Contact" option in the Menu to reach out regarding book club appearances.

Do you provide book club questions?

I think this is the most common question I receive from readers. Although I know it may frustrate some clubs, I do not provide discussion points or questions.

I hope my books will inspire lively conversation and free thought, but I think it's important for authors to allow readers to interpret a book through their own perspectives. If I were to provide book club questions, that might restrict discussion of my work to only those questions... or it might influence the way some readers interpret my stories. I believe that what a reader takes out of a book is far more important than whatever an author may have put into it. I hope my work stimulates a lively conversation among your club members! Feel free to drop me a line to share your book club's thoughts and observations.

Happy reading!


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